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Little Lunch Box / Snack Inspiration – Paleo – Primal – Wholefoods – Low Carb

Miss 4′s Kinder lunchboxes have been popular posts on my Facebook Page, so I have started to gather many of them here, and will add to it when time permits!

I’m no expert, but a regular Mum, moving well away from the Standard Australian Diet (SAD). You can read my personal story <here.>

(Allergens at our local Pre-School include egg, nuts & kiwi fruit. (I wish I’d written ‘lollypops’ on the allergen form….Yes, I am THAT Mum! They do encourage “fruit first” and water only in their drink bottles.

I find that encouraging my little one to talk about what she’d like to take and allowing her to help prepare, she’s happily eaten the majority of it, bringing any left overs home for me to re-assess.

I’d love to see/hear some others ideas. Cheers, Shae.

11266704_477990399025756_4404733336482297183_nSnack: water, full-fat Greek yoghurt (with chia, coconut, cinnamon, pepitas & orange slice) plus mandarin & lunch: Avo, peas, cheese with Natures Blend OmegaMite, snowpeas & seed/tahini crackers <Recipe>. *Flashback pic of us making them in 2013* super cute! 11119412_456286517862811_8787496391857627671_n11012_448031992021597_5121269968948569325_n A little lemon juice keeps everything fresh, especially when prepping the night before. The stuffed snow peas have become popular, as are the berries in the yoghurt. I find the bulking up the yoghurt with seeds, chia, coconut etc helps to keep her full. 10982113_422658344558962_1965739729036672714_nCheese biscuits/snaps, Fruit, veg, cold chicken, pickled onion, Full Fat Jalna Greek yoghurt with coconut flakes & cinnamon. Other successes, cold meats (leftover from dinner), lettuce wraps, cheese/cucumber/tomato stacks, berries, carrots, raw green beans. 11140361_448032198688243_8098876760600024095_n
11200899_476826255808837_1415609553934558909_nAt her request, Miss 4′s kinder snack: water, full-fat Greek yoghurt (with chia, coconut, cinnamon, pepitas & orange slice) plus mandarin & lunch: Avo, nori, green beans, carrot, pickled onion, cheese and caulirice*this was not ideal served cold…apparently!* 11060844_448032178688245_1124339827964772195_nSnow peas, sliced cucumbers, ham rolled over fresh ricotta, pickled onion. *Yes at her request! 11130142_448032015354928_1589221409500139017_nStuffed snow peas, cucumber, carrots, pickled onions, full fat greek yoghurt with coconut flakes, cacao nibs, cinnamon. 
(A reasonable amount of Protein usually for brekky & dinner)

Ideas for home

(Click for Recipe/Images)

Low Carb Free Bruffin

Green Smoothie

Pesto “Pasta”

Sweet Potato “Pasta”

Eggs Wraps

Green Monster Pancakes

Avo “Icecream”

Berries and Cream

Watermelon Cake

Baked Custard

Roasted Veggies

Protein Pancakes

Ham Cheese Sliders

Chia Pudding

10985221_458954664262663_2317813179478603579_n (1)Eggs in Clouds


10553561_328059684018829_1982045967398095214_n10530669_327417794083018_3912745265642477342_nThumbs up to The Coconut Mama for this simple recipe!

<Coconut Butter Buttons>

<Coconut Butter>

10313038_298384033653061_4952341093905111262_nI made this yummy frittata!

Thanks again to Real Food Real Change <One to follow!

<Here is their easy Recipe>



ENJOY & thanks for sharing!