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Masa Flour

Masa Flour Recommended by Christine Cronau: A nutritionist, bestselling Author, and Speaker. Masa flour is made by finely grinding corn that has been prepared by soaking in lime and water (making it easy to digest). It is the traditional flour used in Mexican cooking. Christine uses masa flour to make beautiful gluten free tortillas, which […]

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Living Fundraisers – Alternative to chocolate fundraising drives

  Cadbury Fundraiser - “Profits Made Easier” … But at who’s expense? I was recently faced with a dilemma when my young daughter brought home a little ‘Fun Pack’, to help raise much needed funds for our local Kindergarten. I posted the below image on social media, asking the audience for their thoughts. See here:   “I’d love to […]

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Monkey See, Monkey Do!

Following my recent facebook post “Low Carb Kids”: Post by You Are What You Eat Eats.   I thought perhaps I would elaborate… What I should have said was Low Carb Kids… ” Under my roof “ Because in reality, society will challenge you on just about every occasion, when you step outside your house! […]

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My First SCOBY & Kombucha

This month, I was gifted my very first SCOBY! (Symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) I’d been hearing a lot about Kombucha lately and how it’s incredibly good for us! So…… when I overheard one of the lovely Mum’s in our Natured Kids Playgroup (Natured Kids Facebook) talking about her home made brew, I was […]

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Paleo Cafe Mornington Peninsula

I love this place with my heart, soul & stomach! More than just a cafe, these inspiring, REAL food people are helping all achieve a healthy lifestyle! I am thankful for the support and encouragement for my first ever Whole 30! He are just a few pics of the wonderful food I have enjoyed! Thank […]

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Growing food is like printing money!

Everyone can afford to eat well! Here we are recycling our rockmelon! And Regrowing Bok Choy Pumpkin next?? What are you having success with?

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Going Organic 2014

April progress at You Are What You Eat Eats home garden!     March progress at You Are What You Eat Eats home garden! March 2014 A photo of my littlest one and I in Feb, by Amber Gardener – Natural Light Photography, for my article in Mornington Peninsula Magazine, see here: In January […]

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