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About Me

I am a Low Carb, REAL food advocate.

You CAN eat your way to good health! I did it! Here’s my story:

My whole life I’ve always felt unusually tired/exhausted. At some stage or another I’ve struggled with anxiety, depression, mood swings, poor concentration and headaches. Also, pains in the gut and other digestive issues, joint pain, muscle aches and weakness. Severe anxiety (and embarrassing/exhausting/inexplicable panic attacks…usually leading up to an outing/event) were a huge burden on my life after the birth of both of my children. Those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. It never occurred to me that my diet was seriously reaping havoc!

My doctor once told me I probably have fibromyalgia. I said to him… I’m not having that!

In 2013 I discovered the life changing benefits of eating REAL food! Thanks to my Mum, a life long learner and inspiration, who gave me a copy of

Christine Cronau’s book – The Fat Revolution & my Aunty, whom shared

Sarah Wilson’s – I Quit Sugar. Everything I am learning is snowballing from there and I’ve since become a huge supporter of Low Carb Down Under, where I run their online resource shop.

I changed my diet by quitting sugar, majority of processed foods, all grains, soy and within weeks, it seemed that all of my health problems practically disappeared! As an added bonus, I lost excess body fat and am gaining muscle mass with little effort. I’m getting lots of lovely comments about how I look, my hair, my skin, my passion!
Seriously, I thought I was going to die from being tired and having a newborn baby and a toddler was not to blame!
Now I am full of energy all day and then some! (Don’t get me wrong, parenting is not for the weak! I still find it particularly challenging… surely I am not alone?!)

On January 10th 2014, I went to the Australian premier of an incredible documentary ‘Cereal Killers’. I sat in the crowd of a sold out audience (225) including Donal O’Neill (featured), Dr Peter Brukner (Australian cricket team doctor), other Doctors, medical, fitness professionals and members of The Ashes-winning Australian cricket team, I was gobsmacked!

Since then, I have run 3, sold out, private screenings of the Cereal Killers Movie at our local Mornington Cinema. Twice accompanied by guest speaker Dr Zeeshan Arain (Dr Zee Easy Health) for Q&A and once with Dr Rod Tayler of (Totaling well over 300 viewers in our region!)
This movie is going to change the world, one viewer at time.


We’ve been misled and LIED TO!
The food pyramid that has been drummed into our head since the 1970s is WRONG, making us FAT and sick !!!
The gist is, DON’T EAT WHEAT OR SUGAR!!!
During Q&A time after the Australian Premier on the film, one Doctor/Researcher said “the proof is in the pudding. “Look at you (Donal, featured), you’re carved in granite”…..he did go on to demand that huge trials needed to run for it to be taken seriously, however the argument is, no one will fund it because basically the government need people to stay sick for the economy blah blah whatever.

This movement relies on people like YOU watching it and learning the TRUTH about what we really should be eating…and you will be shocked how easy it is. You won’t go hungry. You don’t have to eat like a rabbit.
From the bottom of my heart, I cannot urge you enough to watch this film!

I’m 33, happily married, a mum of two little girls, 6 and 3. My studies have always been in health. I have worked in Spas and Clinics around the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, AUS as a Remedial Massage Therapist.
I feel I have a huge responsibility to nourish my family.
We love to grow at home, shop local and eat fresh. I am on a journey.
I’m excited! I’m feeling passionate!
I’ve never felt better!

Why not question what your ‘food’ is…
What’s in it?
How was it made?
What was it grown in?
What was it fed?
Is it useful to your body?
Does it make you feel good now and long term?

Trust your own body; it’s a very clever system that tells you what is right or wrong for you!
Do your own research!
Question what you ‘know’.
We can all learn every single day, forever!

Thank you so much for your support.

x Shae

I literally ate my way to good health! DIET ALONE! It didn’t take long and I literally felt like a whole new person after only 2-3 weeks of quitting the RUBBISH food from my life! Just eating REAL food! *First photo was taken on June 14th 2013 (exactly 1 month after the birth of my second baby)  and the Second photo was taken on Jan 31st 2014 as I was participating in the ‘Whole 30′ through the Paleo Cafe. *  This is the result of eating a Low Carb, High Fat diet! I will continue to nourish and strengthen my body. I do apologise to anyone who may be offended by seeing my rear!Slim Down Dates

Outer pictures are of us on the Standard Australian Diet (SAD) approx. 4 years ago, when we were both at our heaviest (as first time parents) and middle picture taken March 2015. Happier. healthier and trying to set a better example for our two young girls.